Passion Ignited

One day soon we will see a world where we are empowering our youth, building community cohesiveness, and bridging healthy families.


Our Story

It all started almost two decades ago....

Zakia and Samuel, our co-founders, were encouraged by many people in their own lives who struggled or found themselves in challenging circumstances beyond their control. However, both were able to pick themselves up and rise from the ashes of life together.

Zakia's passion for empowering youth was inspired by the inner strength of her mother ( Jewell Mae), aka "JaMae" and many others like her. Samuel ( The Phoenix) has always had a passion for serving his community and working with programs that allow families and communities to be self-sufficient and sustainable. Hence, JaMae Phoenix Company and Nonprofit were birthed.

Zakia and Samuel created the JPC outreach program to equip our youth with the tools and techniques they need in an ever-changing world. The nonprofit was designed to foster a safe space for teens to lead productive, fulfilling lives, leaving positive contributions within their culture.

By doing so, they are bridging the gap in our communities to end the cycle of generational dysfunction. Zakia and Sam love the motto "it takes a village" and will continue to make a difference within their family unit, community, and circle of friends.

JaMae Phoenix Community Outreach wants our future leaders to understand the balance in life and feel protected and heard. They hope that the children who are a part of this nonprofit will realize the importance of living and not just existing.